Harmony Voice Control
Harmony Voice Control
Harmony Voice Control Energy Lighting Security Device Control Audio Climate Control Access Control / Security

Harmony Voice Control:

CCTV Server

Control your home - by TALKING to it!

Using a simple headset, or a full blown multi room mic & mixer solution, Harmony Voice Control enables you to control all Harmony devices simply by talking to the system, and giving logical commands.

For example, you could tell the system to turn on your bedside lamp, or set "TV Mode" - controlling both individual devices, and predefined scenes.


Harmony Voice Control Features:

  • Connect: One or microphones can be connected to the system, providing access from all over your property.
  • Power: Defining "Custom Commands" allows more natural speech patterns - you don't have to talk like a robot!
  • Adapt: The more you use the system, the better the recognition accuracy.
  • Integrate: Fully compatible with all Harmony 2007 Components.


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