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Bye Bye Standby

Bye Bye Standby is the UK's best selling 'off the shelf' energy saving solution designed to reduce daily energy consumption of electrical devices. Bye Bye Standby works by completely cutting power to the devices plugged into it when they're not in use, thus saving the power that devices would otherwise have consumed in Standby Mode. Bye Bye Standby is an effective way to save energy, carbon emissions and money.

In addition to the energy, carbon emissions and money savings, Bye Bye Standby can also be integrated with Harmony 2007 - providing a cost effective, simple to retrofit home automation system.

As with all Harmony components, Bye Bye Standby can be used as the sole platform in your home automation solution, or mixed and matched with other platforms such as X10, CBus, Rako & Dupline.

Additionally, if used in combination with Harmony, you have the ability to use voice control, Media Centre control, and all other control interfaces Harmony provides.

Online Controller
Online Controller (V2.9)

The key component for integration with Harmony - the Online Controller is the hardware interface that enables Harmony to communicate with the rest of the Bye Bye Standby range.

N.B. The Online Controller can be used with the web-based service at "myBBS" or with Harmony, but not both at the same time.

Several customers have purchased two Controllers - one for Harmony, one for the web-based service - providing maximum flexibility.

N.B. All Controllers purchased here are guaranteed to be running the latest available Firmware (Currently 2.9).

Beware of "Too good to be true" deals elsewhere, which may require a Firmware Upgrade

It has recently been brought to my attention that many stores advertising this product do not have it in stock!
I guarantee that I have stock available for immediate despatch.

Order Code: BBSOC
P & P£8.95
Price: £89.99Stock: 31


Contains 3 x 4 Amp / 1000W Smart Sockets & 1 x 4 Button / 8 Channel Remote Control.
Order Code: BBSB
Specification PDF View Document (PDF)
Price: £59.99Stock: 0

Expansion Pack *REFURBISHED*
Expansion Pack **REFURBISHED**

Contains 2 x 4 Amp / 1000W Smart Sockets

These units are hand-rebuilt to a higher specification than the original units.

Some miinor cosmetic marking may be visible. Supplied with 30 day guarantee.
P & P£8.95
Specification PDF View Document (PDF)
Price: £29.99
(For 2 Units)
Stock: 1 (Pair)

300W Dimmer Socket
300W Dimmer Socket

300W Dimmer Socket, for use with standard incandescent bulbs.

N.B. Control of dimmers is not supported by Harmony.

Order Code: BBSB300
Specification PDF View Document (PDF)
Price: £13.74Stock: 0

Motion Sensor (PIR)
Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor (PIR) - used to detect movement within its adjustable "field of view". Can be used to turn on devices directly, or to trigger Harmony Events.

Order Code: BBSBMSW
Specification PDF View Document (PDF)
Price: £17.99Stock: 0

Keychain Remote
Keychain Remote

Keychain Remote Control

Order Code: BBSBKW
P & P£8.95
Specification PDF View Document (PDF)
Price: £15.99Stock: 0

Wall Switch
Wall Switch

64 Channel Transmitter for remote control of BBS Receivers

Order Code: BBSBDS
Price: £19.99Stock: 0 (New version coming soon)

Ceiling Switch
In Ceiling Switch (1000W)

In-Ceiling Switch. Requires Live and Neutral connections. Max load 1000W (Resistive)

Order Code: BBSBICS
Stock: 0

Halogen Transformer
Halogen Dimmer Transformer

Output Voltage:12V
Min Load: 35W
Max Load: 105W

Order Code: BBSBICH
P & P£8.95
Price: £16.99Stock: 0

Controller Upgrade
Online Controller V1 - V2 Upgrade

Owners of Version 1 Controllers can have their units upgraded to Version 2. Version 2 Controllers are compatible with the online service (provided by Bye Bye Standby) & the Harmony-BBS Component. (More info here).

You will have to send your controller to us for the upgrade to be performed. Please include a copy of your receipt from this purchase with the Controller, along with the return address if it differs from that shown on the receipt.

Upgrades are typically turned around in 3 - 5 working days. Please send only the Controller, not the PSU or cable.

N.B. V2 Firmware does not have an onboard web-server, and method of operation has changed. Please ensure you fully understand the changes before requesting an upgrade.

We can not be responsible for items lost in transit. As such, we strongly recommend using recorded/trackable postage, such as
Royal Mail's 'Special Delivery' Service.

Send To:

UK Address wil be supplied with order confirmation.

Order Code: V2UPG
Price: £29.99

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