X10 Module

X10 allows you to remotely control many appliances in your home using existing mains wiring or using radio signals. No additional wiring is required so, for most products, no specialist installation is needed and most of the modules are operational simply by plugging them into a mains socket.


As the system is modular, add extra components for additional control and flexibility as required, such as:

  • A motion detector, to control lights based on occupancy of a room
  • An Infrared Command Centre and Pronto Remote Control to integrate your X10 environment with your existing audio visual equipment
  • A Telephone Transponder to control heating and lighting from any telephone

Our range of software and hardware gives you complete control of your home via X10. By using The Harmony software, you can program your modules to come on at certain times of day, create mood lighting in the evening and wake up to fresh coffee in the morning! Harmony also allows you to control the X10 modules in your home over the internet - meaning you can control your home from the office, or anywhere in the world with a broadband connection!

  • Requires CM11 / CM12 X10 Hardware Interface

  • CM15 Hardware Interface is not currently supported


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