Harmony (Vista) Media Centre Module:

Designed for use with Microsoft Vista, the Domia Harmony Vista MCE Module allows your Microsoft Vista MCE system to communicate seamlessly with your Harmony Lifestyle's lighting and security components.

Using full Alpha blending, the Harmony Media Centre Module appears is rendered in true Vista style and allows you to continue watching movies and TV through the transparent media centre interface.


Harmony Vista Package Features

The module features state of the art technology, for example

  • Transparent / floating style uses the latest Vista display techniques to appear seamless with the rest of your Vista system
  • Devices, such as lights, appear in high quality image format with "shimmering" to enhance the user interface experience
  • Real time update of device status without any screen refreshing (AJAX based) so if a light is switched on in any Harmony GUI the display in MCE is updated in real-time, automatically
  • Full access to all events in the system allowing you to trigger an event using your remote control
  • Lightweight design style means minimal CPU overhead and lightning fast response times
  • Multi-threading, multi tasking design means you make the most out of any Dual Core / multi core CPU


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