Rako Module

Rako™ Plugin for Harmony Home Automation Server


  • Wireless Control – Rako modules use radio signals to communicate, eliminating the need for extra wiring
  • “Scenes” allow easy selection of preconfigured “mood lighting”
  • Couples Harmony's powerful, extensible interface with Rako devices.

Leading the way in state of the art digital dimming technology.

Innovative solutions meet the needs of a diverse range of applications by offering lighting systems that are simple to use, creative, easily installed and cost effective.

Having just an ordinary dimmer doesn't really give you the flexibility. Using Rako you can tailor make your lighting moods, have different lamps on, main lights on some lamps on and some off. Different brightness can be stored so you can categorise your light settings like dining, relaxing and watching your home cinema.

Rako modules can be quickly and easily installed into any environment, domestic or commercial, from hotel bedrooms and function rooms to restaurants and churches.

The Rako plugin for Harmony Home Automation Server couples the power of Harmony with the ease of installation of Rako hardware devices, letting you take control of your lighting with ease.

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