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Control all elements of your entire smart home from one place - either locally or remotely. Choose one, some or all of the interfaces below to interact with your system - changes in the system are automatically communicated to the other interfaces, ensuring that the true state of your home is reflected to all users at any time.

Harmony Home Automation Server

Harmony 2007 controls a wider range of Hardware than any other home automation software with a quick and easy point and click interface with configuration wizards.

Harmony supports X10, Bye Bye Standby, Rako, Cbus & Dupline platforms - additional systems are constantly being developed.
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CCTV Server
Harmony CCTV Server enables you to Manage views - Watch Live CCTV Connect – Control either internal cameras via a capture card, webcam or external IP Cameras Scale – Add and control as many cameras as your system can handle!

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Additional Software Components

Harmony 2007's modular design enables you to add-on Components as and when you desire.
Be sure to visit this section frequently, as new components are constantly being developed!
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Manage all your systems and devices from an intuitive, easy-to-use wall panel. Configured with stable smart home automation software, the touchscreen interface is simple to navigate and extremely responsive.

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The 'Bye Bye Standby' range of products can be used standalone as an energy saving solution, or combined with Harmony to provide a fully fledged home automation system.

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