Harmony 2007 Components

"Components" are programmes / services that enhance Harmony, adding the features requested by users.

Please see the Forum to learn more and to request / suggest new features.

  • Harmony Voice Control Component. Control Harmony by speaking to it. More info here.

Currently in Beta:
  • Harmony 1-Wire Temperature Sensor. Enable Harmony to read the temperature in multiple locations, and take relevant actions.
    Beta closed to new entrants.

Scheduled for Testing:
  • Harmony InfraRed Transceiver. Add's support for Harmony to send and receive Infra-Red commands.

  • Harmony iPhone, iPod & iPad UI. Customised, native applications for the Apple suite.

  • Harmony Android UI. Customised, native application for Android based devices.

  • Harmony BBS Online Controller Component V3. An update to the existing BBS Controller Component, improving response times and reliability - particularly in events & grouped command scenarios. Will also have to ability to control multiple controllers, for greater range of control.

  • Harmony CM15 X-10 Component. Provide support for the new PC-X10 Hardware - the CM15. Also to include support for requesting device status, where the hardware supports it.

  • Harmony Announcer. Enable Harmony to send emails, text messages, Social Networking Updates (e.g. Facebook & Twitter), as well as providing audible feedback from pre-recorded files, or via text to speech conversion.

  • Many, many more! Harmony is a componentised system - we're constantly adding support for all sorts of Hardware / Applications / Interfaces. If you have any suggestions or requirements, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Please check back periodically for updates!

It is also highly recommended that you sign up to the Harmony Forum, where all announcements regarding Harmony & Beta's are made.

Last updated: 19th January 2015


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